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 Letter from San Diego

San Diego, California

I am writing to your company, Yale Sportswear, to say how excited and thrilled I am over a simple pair of athletic pants!  I bought my first pair of activeX pants at the Midshipman Store in Annapolis, MD, three years ago. The moment I slipped them on, I immediately fell in love with them. They fit like an expensive pair of slinky silk slacks, but were as comfortable as a pair of your old favorite pajamas.

I applaud Yale's design team for selecting the PERFECT material blend (spandex and polyester), cut, length, and style!!! For the first time in my life, I have found activewear that I can wear out in public and look stylish. They are great to wear on long rode trips and they never wrinkle.

The other plus is if you are on the tall side (I'm 5'7"), the sweat pants were long enough and they looked great with my tennis shoes. I live in San Diego, California, and not a day goes by that someone does not comment on how great the pants look and fit.

Please pass along to your company my sincere thanks for making what I believe is the PERFECT pair of active pants.

One Happy Naval Academy Customer

Misty Cedrun

San Diego, CA




 Letter from Naval Academy Store Customer
Annapolis, Maryland

My daughter Ruth is a choreographer, musical theater director, and dance teacher. She purchased one of your Yale Sportswear/activeX, Jerseys at the United States Naval Academy last year. (Her brother graduated from the Naval Academy so her Jersey says "Navy" on it).

It has become one of her favorite shirts to wear just casually as well as when teaching students dance and new choreography.  It is more form fitting than you would expect from a Jersey (thus not interferring with any dance moves), is very light weight, not bulky, very comfortable while providing long sleeves for a chilly theater (or outside event).

When a dancer says you can move in a Jersey, you can be sure you can really move!.

Lisa Broussard

Houton Texas




 Letter from Coach Hahn
Bowie, Maryland

Yale Sportswear not only makes excellent quality jerseys, but their cutting edge styles are great for the kids too.  I can't say enough about  Yale brand products.

Gary Hahn, Coach and Founder

Bowie Boys Lacrosse Club





 Quote from Coach Johnson
Ft. Hays, Kansas

"Our kids love Yale's mesh basketball practice gear.  It fits players of all sizes and wears like steel."

Mark Johnson, Head Basketball Coach

Ft. Hays State University